Finally cooking

Today was my second day of cooking. Lamb kebabs and mash potato. Yum

I have been really rubbish with diet. Just cannot get the motivation to look after myself. The loneliness and depression just sucks the life out of me. It is a real challenge. I have been skipping eating apart from rubbish. Takeaway, sweets and chips.

It is a good thing to note that it sneaks up on you and cooking for one is so boring. I found myself having a coffee in morning, skipping eating till night time and sometimes not at all.

If only someone had told me this happened!!!

Anyway, I have now cooked two nights in a row and enjoyed it although my back pain makes it tough to do. I have even bought my first ever cellar salad (ready to eat) and having a yogurt every day.

Wish there was someone to teach me about cooking for one and what is right to do. I will maybe ask on FBook if anyone knows a good cookbook for single guys.

Anyway, 8.50pm and I have just gone to bed. Feeling a little better. 😁



Author: chris

At 54 suddenly realizing I have not been living, just existing as I moved from high flying executive, with a loving family to broke and being alone.

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