Looking Back

In 2008 I was involved in a car accident, where another driver had that moment of distraction.

The resulting injury to my lower back resulted in multiple operations and a ten year journey with chronic pain.

This has draw every piece of energy to keep going, exhausted savings and took me to the pit of depression.

Now I see that the accident was a wake up call. I had fallen into thinking making money and putting a roof over my families head was all that mattered. Leaping from project to project, flying all over the place, having great family holidays but not living. No hobbies and driving myself by sheer willpower.

The chronic pain and living on prescribed opiates slowly eradicated who I was. Mistakenly putting everything into work and nothing into life.

My ex wife suffered herself as she raised our two daughters with an absent husband who could not even think straight.

Now I realise that I have to start living instead of hiding in work, which I have been doing from long before my accident. I have finally woken up although the pathway ahead is not clear.

This is my journey, capturing issues, thoughts and steps going forward. I apologise if anyone gets offended but this is the truth as I see it.

Author: chris

At 54 suddenly realizing I have not been living, just existing as I moved from high flying executive, with a loving family to broke and being alone.

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